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The Learning Basics

Learning to drive can seem like a complicated process. However at Magnum we want to help you through it with the least fuss possible. The first thing you have to do though is get a provisional license which allows you to be on the road and learn legally. You can obtain a provisional license from your post office, though if you call us on 0208 941 5804 we will get you form ASAP. You need to be 17 to drive, but you can apply earlier, but you wont be allowed behind the wheel until your 17th birthday

To apply there is currently a charge of £62 payable to the DVSA. You must have a passport or form of identification, be a British resident and meet minimum eye-sight requirements.

Once you have your provisional licence you are allowed to drive under supervision as long as you have L plates visibly fitted to the front and back or your vehicle. The person supervising must be 21 or over and have had a driving licence for 3 years. You must also be suitably insured, though all driving instructors have insurance so you won't have to bother about this.

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