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Driving Lessons... Twickenham, Feltham, Kingston, Hampton, Hanworth, Teddington


Once you have a provisional licence you are able to start your lessons. On your first lesson you will have to take a simple eye sight test with your assigned instructor before you can begin. With Magnum we give new students 1 FREE hour lesson, and during this time we will talk you through the controls and get you driving for the first time.

Magnum Instructors are very flexible in times and will try to fit around when you're available. If that's a fixed time every week or whether the time  may change we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Magnum lessons are typically one hour long though a lesson can be of any length. We advise that a good length of lesson is one and a half hours as we find after more than this you start to lose concentration.

Our Instructors are all highly qualified and each has many years of experience as an instructor. Our pass rates are also some of the highest in the business. We aim to put all our clients at ease, so you have the perfect environment to learn to the best potential.